Practice Management

"Our goal is to simplify the overall client experience as much as possible," says Jeremy Reeves, vice president of technology at Cleary Gull.
Advisors and Digital Technology: Adapting to Change
The biggest challenge with new digital tools is getting people to adopt them and do things differently, says the vice president of technology at Cleary Gull, a Milwaukee-based wealth manager.
Fidelity's new program includes a discount on a service that monitors elderly clients' financial transactions for suspicious activity. Read More »
Founders are the biggest offenders when it comes to ignoring these procedures. Read More »
Whenever markets drop, clients start clamoring to hold gold in their IRAs. Here’s what to tell them. Read More »
"Position a plan of life phases rather than life stages," trend researcher Kim Lear says at Schwab Impact. Read More »
Baby boomers will continue to be the nation's wealthiest generation for the next 15 years and remain the largest fee pool for banks and financial services firms, according to new report. Read More »
To harness the full potential of new digital tools advisors have to train themselves in technology and avoid viewing it as just a bolt-on to their practice, says practice management expert Ray Sclafani. Read More »
For planners looking to recruit as well as those looking for suitable programs, this comprehensive list of planning programs at five dozen colleges and universities across the country includes costs, enrollment and student-to-faculty ratios. Read More »
On campuses nationwide, a pragmatic alliance between financial planning professors and working advisors is bringing about big changes in curriculum. Read More »
Advisors should highlight their skills on a personal level to separate themselves from digital counterparts. Read More »
Two thought patterns guide our financial thinking. You should learn to listen to one of them, says Allan S. Roth. Read More »
8 tips for advisors on getting their message out. Read More »
Advisors typically aim to capture client’s children, but often it’s the parents of clients who need the most help. Read More »
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