Retirement Planning

3 Mistakes to Avoid in First 3 Years of Retirement: Retirement Scan
Why your recently retired clients should avoid an overly conservative investing approach; Plus, three smart ways to maximize your Roth IRA and advice for women nearing retirement age.
Retirement savers need to review their asset allocations because many investments are becoming more correlated as the global economy increasingly becomes intertwined; Plus, why the gender gap haunts women even in retirement. Read More »
Retirees should always file for benefits online when possible, particularly when applying for Social Security retirement benefits; Plus, why withdrawal rates matter more than asset allocation in retirement. Read More »
More than half of households that collect Social Security benefits pay federal income tax on those benefits, according to a survey by The Senior Citizens League. Plus, why it's okay for investments to underperform when you're retired. Read More »
The gap between the top and bottom target date funds has narrowed since the 2008 collapse. Read More »
As stock prices fall, 401(k) participants are advised to avoid cashing out and instead buy more stocks; Plus, steps to successfully apply for Social Security disability. Read More »
Advisors should start getting up to speed now if they want to keep their heads above water when the rule begins to be implemented later this year, experts say. Read More »
Retirement savers are advised to ladder their bonds and CDs to take advantage of rising interest rates; Plus, the perils of extreme asset allocation. Read More »
A new law ends years of last-minute renewals of the right to make qualified charitable distributions from IRAs. Read More »
Despite a law signed in late 2015, advisors who master the arcane rules of Social Security stand to prosper. Read More »
Workers and employers would benefit from a phased retirement, but only one in four workers aged 55 and older have such an option; Plus, clients should avoid being dogmatic about withdrawals. Read More »
The benefits debate is part of a concerted effort to show that Social Security is too expensive and needs to be cut, writes Alicia Munnell, director of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. Read More »
The proposal landed at the White House's Office of Budget and Management for one last review. Read More »
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