Robos are going to be a continued catalyst for growth in the industry, says Dodd Kittsley, head of ETF strategy and national accounts at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management.
How ETFs and Robo Innovations are Changing Distribution
Robos can give ETF providers brand new channels to distribute products and access new investors, says Dodd Kittsley, head of ETF strategy and national accounts at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management.
The biggest challenge with new digital tools is getting people to adopt them and do things differently, says the vice president of technology at Cleary Gull, a Milwaukee-based wealth manager. Read More »
Fidelity has a new digital plan to work with advisors and is also developing a direct-to-consumer robo platform. Read More »
Since its launch two years ago, Harvest Exchange has signed up 200,000 investors, nearly 25,000 advisors and over 7,000 investment firms. Read More »
Chief executives from BofA and PNC raised concerns about the conduct of data aggregators and particularly how well they protect customer data. Read More »
The New York Department of Financial Services' letter indicating potential cyber rules are prompting concerns that the state's plans could lead to more stringent measures throughout the industry. Read More »
Tiburon expects a great extinction among independent, venture capital-backed digital advice providers, according to Managing Partner Chip Roame. "Three or five will survive," he predicts. Read More »
The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, which has advanced far on Capitol Hill, promises to help businesses and government thwart cybercriminal attacks. But privacy advocates say the bill would make misuse of consumer data even easier. Read More »
Robos don't have to be based on ETFs, says Naureen Hassan, head of Schwab's Intelligent Portfolios. "It can be mutual funds, individual securities -- whatever we want it to be, because it is a technology platform." Read More »
Officials should ask "whether these new robo advisors can be neatly placed within our existing laws," SEC commissioner says. Read More »
Robos have come to the Asia-Pacific region. Its providers are tapping into the region’s growing wealth that surpassed Europe in 2014 and is poised to pass North America next year. Read More »
When changing a password isn’t enough: Former FBI agents reveal the newest cybercrimes and how to stop them. Read More »
The decision to create rather than buy an existing digital platform spurred an emotional response from competitors, Schwab Chief Walt Bettinger tells attendees at its annual Impact conference. Read More »
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