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6 Steps to Help Close the Fee vs. Value Perception Gap

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Fees At A Crossroad Revisited

It’s been three years since the release of our paper, Fees at a Crossroads. Since then, the industry has evolved. Clients are asking for still more value and services while costs are edging higher.

Maybe it’s time to rethink exactly what your value is—and what it’s worth.

Download Fees at a Crossroads Revisited (co-authored with Bob Veres of Inside Information) and get new and updated insights on fee-model trends. Find out:

  • What investors think about fees—and how their views may differ from yours
  • Why it might be time to look beyond the traditional AUM model to keep up with evolving pricing trends
  • How you can firm up the right pricing strategy for your business and clients—in 6 steps

Learn how you can adopt a fee model that reflects your true value. Download Fees at a Crossroads Revisited now.

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