Half of all U.S. employees are really not happy, according to Mercer’s latest survey which covers 2,400 workers in the United States.  Nearly one in three wants to leave, up from 23% in 2005, including about 20% of boomers ages 45-65, the group most likely to approach financial planners.  

Only 41% believe employers are doing enough to help them prepare for retirement, and the portion pleased with their health care benefits  has also dropped. Slightly over half are pleased with their base pay, compared to 58% in 2005. 

“Often, a change in mood or sentiment is not spotted until it becomes a full-blown issue,” said Pete Foley, PhD, a Principal at Mercer and employee research consultant.

This dissatisfaction makes it especially important that your clients understand the importance of planning and spending within their means, since a job change could involve expenses or less income.