Calamos Investments has created the three-person Calamos Value Equity Team, consisting of  active, fundamental value investors Jeff Miller, Ariel Fromer and Tammy Miller.

"We believe that value investing is an attractive, long-term opportunity that complements our investment capabilities in growth equities and convertibles.  We are excited about the development of the Calamos Value Equity Team as we continue to focus on our mission to deliver investment excellence for our clients and drive growth and value for our shareholders," stated John P. Calamos, chief executive and co-chief investment officer of Calamos Investments.

Prior to joining Calamos, the team managed the American Independence Stock Fund (ISISX) beginning in May 2007.

The Calamos Value Equity Team will assume management of the Calamos Value Fund (CVAAX), an all-cap value fund which was opened in 2002. The team will also be responsible for value strategies that Calamos will introduce to the institutional marketplace.