Your Facebook strategy for your practice should be different from your Twitter and LinkedIn approaches, with a more personal touch.

“Facebook needs to be more personal,” says Matthew Halloran, advisor coach and author of The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors.

Advisors should work through existing clients, reaching out to ask them to like the advisor’s company page on Facebook, Halloran says. Also ask them to share the page -- or individual posts -- if they think the information is helpful, he adds.

Halloran urges advisors to share “personal-oriented business” items -- posts that are personal but still able to be shared widely. Examples include photos of you or your staff volunteering at community events, or even the firm’s sailing activities.

The key to prospecting on Facebook is that you can see who likes or shares your content, Halloran adds. “If someone is doing that often, I do my research [on that person]; that’s a very warm lead right there.”