Long-term mutual funds took in inflows for the 43rd straight week, netting $10.61 billion in the week ended Jan. 6, according to the Investment Company Institute. Over the past nearly 11 months, beginning at the nadir for the markets on March 9, funds have taken in a total of $427 billion.

Investors poured $2.04 billion into stock funds, after redeeming another $982 million a week earlier. U.S. equity funds lost $742 million, and foreign equity funds reaped $2.79 billion.

Bond funds were winners yet again, receiving $7.75 billion in cash, up from $4.21 billion the previous week. Taxable bond funds took in $6.84 billion, and municipals added $900 million.

Money market funds experienced $19.16 billion in outflows, according to iMoneyNet. They now total $3.251 trillion.