Investors placed $8.86 billion into long-term stock and bond funds in the week ended Jan. 27, bringing the past 46 weeks of back-to-back inflows to a total of $463 billion, the Investment Company Institute said.

Stock funds took in $810 million in the latest week, far less than the $3.95 billion they received the previous week. Continuing the pattern of the past few months, investors withdrew $370 million from U.S. stock funds and placed $1.18 billion in foreign stock funds.

Bond funds added $7.48 billion, on par with the $7.97 they took in the previous week. Taxable funds got $6.05 billion of those flows, and municipals, $1.43 billion. Hybrid funds saw inflows of $570 million, far less than the $1.27 billion the previous week.

Money market fund assets fell $20.23 billion, bringing total assets down to $3.171 trillion, according to iMoneyNet.