Invesco has launched the Invesco Premium Income Fund, aimed at investors looking for current income streams, the investment management firm announced. The strategy is designed “to provide protection during periods of economic stress” while still meeting income goals, the firm said in a statement.

“Many investors have clearly become risk averse and those nearing or in retirement are looking for income streams,” said Scott Wolle, CIO of Invesco Global Asset Allocation and lead manager of the PIAFX fund.

The new fund is divided into two portfolios: a high-income portfolio which is designed to rise in value during periods of strong economic growth, and a government bond portfolio which management expects should do well in a stressed economy.

The fund’s managers will also look for opportunistic investments to generate current income. The fund will use derivatives for risk management, earning income, managing duration and hedging exposures to non-U.S. currencies, Invesco said in its statement.

Danielle Reed writes for Financial Planning.