The exit of capital from mutual funds in the United States has slowed down, but showed signs of picking up steam again this month.

The Investment Company Institute reported that $5.8 billion flowed out of domestic mutual funds in the first half of September.

That was half the $12.0 billion that exited U.S. funds, in the two weeks ended September 1.

But, in the week ended September 15, $3.6 billion was pulled out of U.S. long-term mutual funds. That was up more than 50 percent from the prior week, when $2.2 billion was pulled out.

In foreign markets, money actually started flowing into long-term funds. In the week ended September 8, $1.2 billion, overseas. In the week ended September 15, $582 million.

Bond funds remained gainers, with $7.9 billion, $5.9 billion, $6.6 billion, $5.7 billion and $7.8 billion flowing in, around the world, in the last five weeks, consecutively.