As financial planners continue to age, the industry is looking to create a pipeline of young advisors.

And one thing is certain: the next generation of financial planners are going to use social media tools to network with clients and colleagues. Which is why NAPFA launched a new networking program for young fee-only financial planners.

On Friday the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) announced NAPFA Genesis, a networking group that will provide an outlet for young planning professionals to share best practices.

 NAPFA Genesis is as an online discussion forum for students, associates and planners under the age of 33, as a way for young advisors to share questions, experiences, and expectations. It will provide college students a way to learn about careers in advising and access to jobs and internships. As it grows it will be a place to gather through social networks and conference activities. It is free and open only to all NAPFA members and affiliates who meet the necessary age criteria.

“We are hopeful the creation of NAPFA Genesis will help younger planners in the industry learn what they have to do to be successful while making Fee-Only financial planning stronger in the future,” said David Grant, CFP, founder and volunteer leader of NAPFA Genesis, in a statement. “Those providing financial planning services are getting older so there is a need to develop a strong presence of competent Fee-Only professionals to help drive the industry forward. NAPFA Genesis will be a resource that has the potential to develop a future generation of Fee-Only planners.”