, a microsite from New York Life Insurance Co., is designed to offer consumers educational and planning materials to help them navigate the changing financial landscape.

“In a time when we believe more consumers are looking to save rather than spend, to mitigate risk rather than shoot for the big return, this site identifies a customized solution set for consumers when there are no more important words than ‘guarantees matter’,” says Ken Hittel, VP of New York Life’s Corporate Internet department. “We believe that the company’s mutual form of ownership, financial strength, highest possible ratings from all four ratings agencies, and robust sales growth show that when guarantees matter, consumers are choosing New York Life. For 165 years New York Life has delivered on its promises to its policyholders and it is our belief that today consumers are seeking new resources from high quality companies when they look to educate themselves about their financial needs. By engaging this interactive Web site, consumers will find customized solutions from a company that is continuing to deliver guarantees that matter.”

Guarantees Matter provides animated videos, interactive tools and topical content. The site features two interactive components in the form of brief but detailed surveys that engage the consumer about their financial goals and current financial situation. The “Retirement Maximizer” and “Guaranteed Solutions Explorer” provide personalized results that guide users to tailor-made plans for achieving those goals.