Real Estate Goes Boom (Again)

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Back in 2011, a set of colleagues and I looked at the economic landscape and realized: Buying property was essentially a rebalancing move.

While the equity market had bounced back impressively from 2009 lows, in many areas real estate was still flattened out after the previous boom and bust, with the market burdened by oversupply and underwhelming demand.

Those were great times for real estate investors — but “it was a fairly brief window,” notes Kevin Meehan, this month’s cover subject and regional president of the Wealth Enhancement Group in Itasca, Ill.

A rebound in real estate — even an uneven one like the current market — is great news for those clients who have already made their investments. But what should you tell clients who are still buying, or those who want to start now?

There’s less room for error, the advisors in our cover story tell contributing writer Ingrid Case. And those advisors who can help clients navigate the market’s more treacherous shoals can differentiate themselves and help their clients profit.

Our sources offer planners advice not only on property management but also on private partnerships, REITs and real estate-related mutual funds, preferred placements and other strategies.

Because no matter what strategies they choose, they say a laser-sharp focus on valuations and cash flow is essential to navigating a market in which the low-hanging fruit has all been plucked. 

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