Scout Investments has launched the Scout Unconstrained Bond Fund, which will invest across the entire fixed income universe -- including investment grade, high-yield, governments, agencies, mortgage-backed, asset-backed and foreign markets.

“The unconstrained strategy allows us to pursue what we feel are the best investment opportunities in the marketplace over the long term without the constraints of a benchmark,” said Mark Egan, the fund’s lead portfolio manager and managing director at Reams Asset Management, a division of Scout Investments.

An unconstrained approach could be timely should interest rates rise and the fixed income market become volatile, Scout Investments noted.

Andy Iseman, chief executive officer of Scout, added: “We remain committed to providing industry-leading investment solutions. We are pleased to provide a product that leverages the strength of our fixed income team and has the opportunity to enhance performance in varying market environments.”

-- This article first appeared on Money Management Executive.