Almost 79% of small business owners believe their annual revenue will increase or remain unchanged in the next twelve months, according to Western Union's Small Business Barometer survey.

The results, which come out a month before the Presidential elections, reveal an election mindset.

Not many business owners think marketing their products or services is the way to go Only 23% plan to increase their marketing expenses for growth while one in four respondents plans to use social media for growth.

Thirty-six percet believe offering customers something new will increase their revenues and in turn grow their businesses.

The Internet may not be the first choice for promoting businesses; however it is the top source for knowledge or advice, the survey results show.

Only 17% of all respondents favor using Facebook for marketing activities. "Word of mouth" is the preferred way to promote products for most of the respondents, with 76% believing that is the most effective promotion channel. The rest 33% use e-mail for promotional activities.

The results also showed that American business owners sure want to be their own boss. 19% of the respondents said "driving the course" of their career was the best part of owning a small business, while 5% say being their own boss is the best.