Thomson Reuters said it would begin providing custom charting of pricing data on key financial markets on two of its information services.

The “bespoke” charting will be the result of an alliance with a financial market analysis firm, Fathom Consulting, that will bring advanced research and proprietary content into Thomson Reuters’ Datastream and Thomson ONE desktop services.

Thomson will embed Fathom Consulting’s Chartbook of financial market data across time zones, regions, and asset classes. Chartbook includes macroeconomic data as well as pricing data on key financial markets.

The online service allows users to create models linking market data and pricing.

This, the two firms said, “will enable investment managers to analyze and monitor trends, validate trading ideas, and generate new opportunities.””

Thomson Reuters clients will be able to use a library of thousands of charts, ranging from “plain vanilla” data representation to complex economic and financial models. Up-to-date data will come from Thomson Reuters.

-- This article first appeared on Securities Technology Monitor.