Where did the wealthiest people in the world -- those with at least $30 million in net assets -- go to school? Half of the 10 universities with the most ultrahigh-net-worth graduates are in the Ivy League, according to a new report from Wealth-X and UBS. The others can be found in California, New York, Massachusetts and Illinois.

Here's a ranking of the top universities by number of UHNW alumni -- the ultimate tip sheet for any wealth manager. See where those wealthy graduates got their degrees -- and which school was number one by a landslide, accumulating more well-heeled alumni than the next two schools combined. (Or click here to see the slideshow).


10. Cornell University

560 UHNW Alumni


9. Yale University

570 UHNW Alumni


8. Northwestern University

575 UHNW Alumni


7. University of Chicago

665 UHNW Alumni

  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

670 UHNW Alumni


 5. New York University

860 UHNW Alumni


4. Columbia University

940 Ultra-High-Net-Worth Alumni


3. Stanford University

1,240 UHNW Alumni 


2. University of Pennsylvania

1,580 UHNW Alumni


1. Harvard University

3,130 UHNW Alumni