In baseball, a player that can run, catch and hit for power is considered a “triple threat” or “the total package.”

For years, I have watched advisors waffle their way into utilizing Social Media within their practice. Advisors and companies alike who boasted great technology and major league service, weren’t even providing pee-wee league social media marketing.

These obviously weren’t triple threats, they weren’t even making the cut.

In most instances I would suggest that this minimal effort was more harmful to their image than it was helpful. The old adage that if you aren’t going to do it right, don’t do it at all; is very true when it comes to marketing. So that begs the question, what is the right chemistry to prescribe when introducing social media as a true communicationstool.

Notice that the many would have used the word “marketing” instead of “communication.” A change in mindset needs to occur for many. Advisors need to operate under the “give to get” mentality. Giving away your knowledge isn’t as scary as many think. Remember Zig Ziglar’s famous quote, “If you help enough people get what they want; you can have anything you want.”

Now that we understand the playing field, communicating our expertise to others, what makes up the Triple Threat or Total Package within this communication process? The Three elements consist of content, intimate marketing, and mass marketing. The Content delivered through a blog is intimate marketing and best delivered through LinkedIn. Reaching the masses is what Twitter does best. Pairing these three tools together is powerful.

Content Is King

Have you ever heard that Content is King? It is certainly the truth here.

If you aren’t truly a subject matter expert you shouldn’t portray yourself as such. Frankly, it will wear you out trying to keep up with providing new content. So I would encourage you to create some boundaries that your blog site will focus on and continue to deliver the message.

Consistency in posting is important, more so than quantity. Although two to three posts per week are ideal, it is often hard to achieve. Consistency in the frequency of your posts allows your followers to anticipate new content. Variety of content delivery helps to keep a fresh and innovative look while allowing for similar messages to gain new life. Examples would include storytelling, use of video, pictures, interviews etc. This is a large commitment to take on, both in terms of time and money. It will take several hours per week in writing, preparation, and research. Financially, I would encourage you to budget for a professional web designer, the proper format; I use Standard Theme from WordPress that is self-hosted. In addition, you should budget for numerous types of Media and production cost.

Blogging provides some wonderful benefits both personally and professionally. I believe that creating this content helps you to become a much better communicator. It allows you a vehicle to archive and share your best ideas. Professionally it affords you an opportunity to give information to many, thus identifying you as the subject matter expert. So, when a question related to your practice or industry arises, people will immediately think to contact you for assistance.

Getting the Word Out

Okay, so the content has been created and now comes the hard part; driving traffic to your site.

This will come primarily in two parts. First we want to connect with as many people that we know as possible. Utilizing LinkedIn is one of the easiest methods available. With no cost you can reach those that you know well as well as search for possible connections within your business or area. LinkedIn allows you to create another on-line space to market yourself, but more importantly avenues to communicate your expertise. It is critical to display your content both within the timeline of the day’s events; but also e-mailing links to your articles directly to each of your connections. Placing your material right in their inbox allows for an easy reply message when someone has a question or comment. There is great value in consistently having your name in front of your audience. LinkedIn is a perfect way to connect in a more personal way.

Next, it is important to broaden your scope in spreading your message. Twitter allows you to advertise and market your content in 140 character bursts. Twitter also allows you to create links, which direct people to your articles. Utilizing the tagging features can place your content into groups with other material of the same subject matter, thus making it easy for people to search and find the type of content that they desire. Due to the rapid nature of twitter you can post more frequently, maybe eight to 12 times per day, including questions, comments, and other articles within your scope of expertise or interest. All of these activities further your ability to add value and create conversations that can lead to business.

So go all in! Become recognized as an expert in your field, a true Triple Threat approach will help you to get there.

Todd Burkhalter is a financial planner and managing Partner at Catalyst Wealth Management. He has worked in the financial service industry since 1997, and is a member of The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisers, and a Licensed LEAP Practitioner. Email him directly at


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