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How focusing on younger clients built an advisor's practice


In an episode of Financial Planning’s podcast, David Flores Wilson explains how his Gen-X and Millennial client base fueled his transition from investment banking.

The fee-only CFP with New York-based Watts Capital and editor of a personal finance website called “Planning to Wealth” serves 80 clients, primarily in their 30s and 40s. The former Lehman Brothers banker and onetime Olympic athlete has also witnessed some fascinating historical moments firsthand, like the 1996 Atlanta games and the financial crisis.

In a conversation with FP Senior Editor Tobias Salinger, Wilson shared how he landed in wealth management after growing up in Guam and why he disagrees with some advisors who view younger clients as having simple financial situations without many investable assets.

David Flores Wilson is a financial advisor with New York-based Watts Capital.

“I’m just passionate about this demographic,” Wilson says. “People around my age — I’m 42, I think the average client age is 39 or 40 — these people are stretched in a lot of different ways. And they’re hitting their stride career-wise and with their businesses. And so I’ve just come in and helped them address these different things, get organized, take some of the stress off and put together financial plans and help them make progress along the way.”