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10 Easy, Actionable Marketing Tips for Advisors

At any given point in their careers, wealth managers will find themselves faced with multiple strategic paths to choose from and difficult choices to make. Advisors can waste time, stagnating, trying to find the perfect moment to choose the perfect path and hope that it is the right one.

But the perfect strategic path to go down is less important than selecting a viable path and then focusing on flawless execution.

This is the essence of marketing. Find a need and fill it, repeatedly. Marketing is not about one and done, and is not about a perfect solution, nor finding a silver bullet. It is about consistency, perseverance and repetition so that you can generate predictable results.

Here are 10 actionable marketing ideas to help get you and your firm headed in the right direction.

Remember that marketing is important because whether we like it or not, assets are going to walk out the door and new client acquisition is important to offset distributions, grow AUM and increase income/equity in the practice.

Source: Eric Sheikowitz and Michael Silver, senior managing partners at Focus Partners, LLC.