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16 Ways Advisors Are Using iPads to Improve Their Business

Financial planners are adopting the iPad as a business tool four times faster than the next fastest industry, business and professional services.

Most advisors find that the iPad can help them be more productive, but they are just scratching the surface when it comes to using the iPad to increase their revenue, differentiate their services and improve the client experience.

Here are 16 ideas to help advisors use their iPads to improve their business and leverage technology to set them apart from competitors.

Sources: Matt Iverson, director at Boulevard R, Ryan Wibberley, founder and Michael Fein, managing partner, at CIC Wealth Management, Kurt Rozman, president of Rozman Wealth Management, Michael Silver and Eric Sheikowitz, founders and senior managing partners at Focus Partners, and John Stuart, chief information officer at Beverly Hills Wealth Management.