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17 Smarter Ways to Use LinkedIn
SEATTLE -- In a room full of some 1,000 financial planners only about a dozen raised their hands when asked if they like their LinkedIn pages.

“Looks like they pretty much stink,” said Jill Schlesinger, a certified financial planner, CBS News business analyst and the master of ceremonies for FPA's annual conference here last week.

That blunt assessment drew one of many laughs during the final presentation featuring a conversation between avid LinkedIn user and social-media presence Schlesinger and Jennifer Grazel, LinkedIn's global head of category development.

“Your social platforms shouldn’t be tangential to your business,” Grazel told the audience. “It has to be at your core, as one of your central channels of communication.”
But for some users, doing that well can mean posting to LinkedIn just once or twice a week.

Grazel, and sometimes Schlesinger, offered the following LinkedIn advice, for both uninitiated and fluent users. – Ann Marsh

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