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4 Tips to Improve Staff Productivity
Advisors all desire employees who know what you want even before you speak. While these type of people are typically a needle in a haystack, there are ways to optimize the staff you have already.

Here are 4 tips you can use to improve staff productivity.

Source: Chris Kirby, senior business consultant, Securities America Financial Corporation
1. Work with Staff in Decision-Making Process
While this may initially seem counter-intuitive to a manager who is expected to make the final decisions, involving staff in the decision making process has its benefits. Greater ownership of the task, desire to provide a quality job, and increasing loyalty are all fruits of this endeavor.
2. Give Clear Expectations
Communicating regularly and often on top of good job descriptions will plant the seeds to effective understanding among staff. Even 10 minutes a day of discussing upcoming agenda and recaps from the days before can make a big difference towards the output of your workforce.
3. Don’t Micromanage
Sometimes you might think that your way of doing things is better than your staff, and so you take on mountains of tasks here and there. This is dangerous, and could hold back your growth potential. Rather than to be caught up in this mindset, have faith in your staff and delegate the entire task to them, not just bits and pieces. Focus on the end result of the task, not how it came to be. Not only will you allow your staff to soar, you will have a peace of mind.
4. Hire Correctly
The truth is, a lot of people can do the job, but not everyone can do it to the fullest. Often the hiring process is rushed, because they think all that’s needed is an “extra body” to reduce stress. On the contrary, hire with a specific set of guidelines and skillsets in mind and include your existing team in the decision making, so that the process will prove more beneficial to your practice.