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5 Tips for Solving the Life Insurance Puzzle
Most financial advisors offer their clients life insurance planning but few find it worth the effort. It’s not the core of their practice and the sheer number and complexity of the various policies and regulations combined with the mountains of paperwork can be a major headache.

As a result, less than 52% of financial advisors describe life insurance planning as a successful aspect of their business, according to a recent survey by Saybrus Partners, Inc., a life insurance partnership firm, and 30% avoid it completely.

“There are a lot of advisors who don’t touch it at all,” says Kevin Kimbrough, national sales manager of Saybrus Partners.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are a number of strategies advisors can employ to improve their grasp of life insurance planning—and better serve their clients.

Here are five that Kimbrough says pay dividends.

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