Slideshow Ranking: Top IBDs for Women

  • September 15 2014, 4:58pm EDT
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Ranking: Top IBDs for Women

These independent broker-dealers have the highest percentages of female representatives. What are they doing differently?

“We have quite a few programs to help develop women into a career path,” says Nicole Spinelli, director of Raymond James’ Network for Women Advisors.

Transamerica also boasts a women’s network, with an annual nationwide conference, smaller forums and mentorship programs.

And that's not just good for women advisors. “It’s wonderful to have planners who are representative of the community they serve,” says Transamerica President Seth Miller.

Spinelli concurs: “Our company is better because we have more diversity as a whole.”

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1. Raymond James Financial Services

FP 50 Rank: 3
Female advisor %: 29.8%

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2. Transamerica Financial Advisors

FP 50 Rank: 25
Female advisor %: 29.3%

3. (tie) CUNA Brokerage Services

FP 50 Rank: 36
Female advisor %: 28.1%

3. (tie) Securities America

FP 50 Rank: 9
Female advisor %: 28.1%

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5. KMS Financial Services

FP 50 Rank: 55
Female advisor %: 26.1%

6. (tie) Voya Financial Advisors

FP 50 Rank: 13
Female advisor %: 26.0%

6. (tie) Cambridge Investment Research

FP 50 Rank: 8
Female advisor %: 26.0%

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8. J.W. Cole Financial

FP 50 Rank: 59
Female advisor %: 25.4%

9. Investment Centers of America

FP 50 Rank: 44
Female advisor %: 25.2%

10. FSC Securities

FP 50 Rank: 18
Female advisor %: 24.7%

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