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To see a one-page version of this story, click here. In an industry still largely dominated by men, there are certain women in asset management who stand out for their unique leadership positions and styles - and their propensity to help others rise in the field. This list - the inaugural Top Women in Asset Management Awards, identifies 10 women influencing the industry and making a substantial impact on their organization and the fund industry. Whether they influence by product development, growing assets or creating more efficiencies, they all have one thing in common: They are pushing the industry forward while at the same time pursuing other passions and in many cases also raising a family. How did we decide upon these 10 women? Money Management Executive's editorial team sat down earlier this year to discuss some of the biggest industry trends - one of them being a noticeable lack of women at many industry conferences and cited in our publication. At the same time, women are roughly 39% of MME's print and online readers, according to data compiled by Lodestar Research. We discussed an opportunity and a need for stronger female representation within our issues, building on insights and lessons learned from our sister publications' Women Advisors Forum (events tailored to address the professional needs and interests of women in the financial advisory industry). We created a detailed nomination form, sent it out to all our readers, and sifted through lengthy responses with help from our advisory board. After streamlining the list again and again through countless discussions with industry peers and our own judgment, we whittled the list down to the top 10. – By Paula Vasan & Andrew Coen