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4 steps to creating great client events

Private events can have a strong impact on the success of your practice, but are often overlooked or handled badly by many advisors.

VOICEOVER: Private client events can have a strong impact on the success of your practice, helping you build credibility with existing clients while also attracting new business. Still, these types of meetings are ignored or mishandled by many advisors. Here are four tips suggested by Financial Planning columnist John Bowen.

One, start at the end. Think about your ultimate end game before you get going. That way, you won’t lose sight of your goals.

Two, market intelligently. In addition to existing clients, only invite people who are qualified for your service.

Three, know your audience. You’ll likely have three types of attendees – existing clients, prospects, and other professionals. And you should set specific goals for each.

Four, create a ‘wow’ presentation. Your content should tackle the issues of your niche in ways that capture their attention, and show them that you are the wealth management expert for your segment.

And one final thought, don’t use prepackaged seminars – even ones designed to appeal to affluent investors. They’re obviously off-the-shelf, and won’t properly position you as an expert in your market.

For more tips on client events, go to financial-planning.com.