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Key to Edelman-Financial Engines deal? Scale the planner, one more time

The combination of Edelman Financial and Financial Engines is set to produce a new giant among RIAs: A firm with more than 320 advisors and more than $200 billion in assets. But from the perspective of John Bunch who’s been through 11 M&A deals, this is a continuation of work Ric Edelman set in motion decades ago. Bunch, the COO of Financial Engines, shared insights into the merger at SourceMedia’s In|Vest West conference in San Francisco.

More about InVest: As new digital tools transform wealth management, the industry’s largest players are rushing to adapt to ever-increasing customer expectations, while smaller firms strive to keep pace. Behind the scenes, many are investing more on technology and hiring to drive growth, but margins remain under pressure. In|Vest West is exploring all the dynamics at play — from front to back office — and the technologies that are shaping the future of the firm. For more, please see: InVest Conference.