Updated Thursday, April 24, 2014 as of 9:06 PM ET
Banks Report Record Annuity Sales
Annuity sales generated record revenue for banks last year.
In 2013, annuities produced $3.43 billion, up 9% from 2012, according to the Michael White Bank Annuity Fee Income Report.   more »
More in Annuities
Fixed indexed annuities have helped drive overall industry growth, as advisors at large B-Ds and wirehouses embrace the controversial products. more »
After variable annuity sales plunged in 2012, expectations are high for the coming years for new players and higher sales. more »
People underestimate the chances of dying from likely causes, like heart failure, while overestimating the chances of dying from an unlikely cause, like murder. This can cause big mistakes in retirement planning. more »
Firm's partners say they wanted 'control of our destiny -- we wanted to own our own equity.' more »
The move is part of a shift of emphasis from life insurance "to a more well-rounded protection and retirement planning approach." more »
Investment advisors will play a critical role in helping the nearly 80 million baby boomers and future generations develop a sustainable plan for retirement, a pair of senators said on Wednesday. more »
ING U.S. will begin selling fixed annuities through Allstate agencies as the largest publicly traded U.S. auto and home insurer ceases to offer its own brand of the retirement products. more »
Lincoln National topped $10 billion in individual variable annuity sales in the nine months ended Sept. 30, the most in at least six years, as rivals retreated from the contracts. more »
Such annuities typically mean “watered-down guarantees” and there’s not a lot of demand for that, a panel of speakers said at LIMRA’s 2013 annual conference on Monday. more »
The firm was praised for its client marketing materials at the annual Retirement Income Industry Association conference. Allianz and Principal were also honored. more »
Issuers have been busy changing fees, adjusting payout levels and consolidating age bands. more »
Advisors may say they're comfortable developing retirement income strategies -- but none seem to agree on the right way to create an income stream. more »
Despite a tarnished reputation, annuities make sense for some clients. Even so, advisors highlight some of the biggest challenges they face in using annuities for clients. more »
Advisors on the Move: Cambridge Snags $500 Million Team

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