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"Advisors will want to know what will happen to the firms' cultures. Will Nuveen be able to keep its culture? Which firms' culture will prevail?" more »
The third-largest U.S. bank cut 200 to 300 jobs in its division handling stock and bond trades to shrink costs amid a slump, according to a person familiar with the matter. more »
Investors looking to acquire dividend-oriented equity funds must navigate a number of portfolio options -- and a related set of challenges. more »
World's largest mutual fund company pulled in more than 90% of the more than $15 billion that investors poured into U.S.-listed ETFs in Q1, adding to fears that Vanguard is becoming a near monopoly. more »
Pimco's Bill Gross recommends staying in bonds maturing in five years and less even after comments last month from Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen sent shorter-maturity yields surging. more »
The value of municipal bonds plunged Thursday as the prospect of rising interest rates triggered a selloff, with short-term bonds taking the hardest hit. more »
James E. Stowers Jr., who built a billion-dollar fortune as founder of the American Century Investments mutual fund company, then gave most of it away for medical research, has died. more »
As fixed-income bets disappoint, multisector bond funds have gained notice. But not all advisors are smitten. more »
The asset management industry has stepped up marketing efforts aimed at advisors, hoping to boost both sales and credibility. more »
Financial advisors who use active management may have a lower-cost option when considering actively managed ETFs – but some advisors express doubts on the real value for clients. more »
Puerto Rico came to market with $3.5 billion of general obligation debt Tuesday, tapping the municipal bond market with GOs for the first time in two years. more »
Bill Gross questions whether he is truly a great investor as he ponders his legacy in a new era of shrinking bond returns in his April investment outlook. more »
Household wealth in the U.S. increased from October through December, as gains in stock portfolios and home prices boosted Americans' finances. more »
Advisors on the Move: Cambridge Snags $500 Million Team

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