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High-Touch Tech Trends to Watch
The nature of the financial advisory business drives growth-oriented professionals to use increasing amounts of technology to manage information. Advisors get plenty of advice on buying and using hardware and software from experts (including those who write for Financial Planning). But do you really know how to manage and use clients’ information, and how best to deliver updates and advice to them?
Efficient and effective information delivery is important to your business success. Unfortunately, technology comes at a price — and many advisors have trouble evaluating the real cost-benefit ratio of adding technology to their business. While upfront fees, training and time costs may seem obvious, there are also the hidden costs of managing unwieldy software and inadequate hardware or figuring out what to do next.   more »
More in Technology
The rapidly emerging online distribution channel is attracting serious venture capital, while "do-it-yourself" firms with combined delivery mechanisms will be a "smart bet" going forward. See the list. more »
Online and mobile banking have forever transformed the way people bank, but the digital evolution has a dark side: it is increasingly creating new opportunities for fraudsters to hack into accounts. more »
The future of the branch is anyone's guess, but one thing is for sure: RIP teller lines. The new teller-line free branch concepts require staff members to better deliver a brand experience that includes demoing new mobile app features to signing a customer up on a new product. more »
Adding to the information services Morningstar offers to financial advisors, the company has acquired ByAllAccounts, a firm that provides data aggregation technology for financial applications. more »
An organization calling itself Anonymous Ukraine has boasted of a huge theft of American debit and credit cards. Many of the card records are old, and some appear to be from earlier breaches. However, the claims have to be taken seriously, investigators say. more »
The constant monitoring is helping the bank keep tabs on customers' likes and dislikes — and stay on top of complaints. more »
For investment advisors with a small pool of clients, the threat of a cyber attack that could compromise investors' personal identifying information is especially acute, says one IT expert. more »
More banks are deciding to invest millions in mobile banking, video tellers and core-processing upgrades after avoiding capital spending for a long time. They says it's a good move for the long term, but some will take heat from investors and other critics in the short run. more »
Nearly 150 million U.S. adults are expected to be banking on their mobile devices by 2018, and lenders can roll out the red carpet with user-friendly apps and modernized branches. more »
Envestnet has increased its value fivefold since going public. Buyers may take notice. more »
Wealthfront, an online financial advisory firm, is in talks to raise about $30 million in a round of financing led by Index Ventures, according to people familiar with the situation. more »
Xerox is repurposing its Safe Courier app, which lets people scan and send financial documents like loan applications and tax paperwork on their smartphones, for the financial services industry. more »
Reluctant advisors are advised to get over their reservations and start extending their marketing efforts to social. more »
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