Barclays Hacks Its Own Systems to Find Holes Before Criminals Do
A so-called red team preemptively attacks the digital defenses of the London-based bank, finding any flaws and repairing them before thieves, vandals or terrorists can exploit them.
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Advisors will soon have clients with negative net worth and clients worth seven-figures, and they'll need to have a command of both data sets, says Quovo CEO Lowell Putnam. more »
As boomers start spending down their portfolios, planners need a new way to stand out. more »
Industry arguments against the DoL’s fiduciary rule proposal do not consider the digital revolution in financial advice. more »
Focusing on market-beating performance is a flawed strategy, says new columnist Jonathan Clements. Instead, advisors should focus on clients’ entire financial lives. more »
The glitch's impact is widespread. Prudential, for instance, says 40 of its more than 60 funds were affected. more »
"BlackRock is potentially a very powerful partner for advisors," says Sean McDermott, Corporate Insight analyst. more »
The giant asset management company said it was acquiring robo advisor FutureAdvisor. more »
Robo advisors say they managed the downturn with little pressure from clients. Some in the industry wonder if that was a good thing. more »
Salesforce launched a new platform to help advisors work more efficiently as the cloud computing giant pushes forward with ambitious plans to alter the RIA tech space. more »
The three banking giants are reportedly planning to jointly build a data management company. more »
Following a surprising multimillion-dollar deal, the industry is regaining an appreciation for tapping all of a client's financial data, an ability long relegated to personal finance management software providers. more »
Betterment data scientist Sam Swift asks advisors: "How do you know how much you've helped [clients] with your advice?" more »
The Federal Trade Commission has closed its investigation of Morgan Stanley's massive data breach. It has identified the problem that allowed the breach to happen: access controls to a narrow set of reports were improperly configured. more »
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