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Latest Threat to Financial Advisors
You may have heard recently that the financial planning profession is under attack. Advisors are in grave danger of being rendered irrelevant, the Cassandras warn, by the online investment advisory platforms: the so-called robo advisors.
What you donít hear is that this is nothing new.   more »
More in Technology
Merrill Lynch has transitioned more than $100 billion onto its new platform, Merrill Lynch One, which executives say is the biggest technology upgrade in decades. more »
Community banks need to rethink their technology and marketing to ensure they are snagging a piece of the millennial generation. Big banks have the lead in reaching this demographic, but they are vulnerable, experts said. more »
Live online presentations can have a major impact on your ability to attract qualified prospects. Here’s how to get started. more »
More small banks are engaging on social media and are finding ways to highlight their community involvement, promote their personalities and better connect with customers. more »
Financial products and markets are so thoroughly intertwined that regulators need to take a more holistic approach than they have in the past. more »
Security experts say it's now crucial for advisors to understand that the fraud landscape has changed: Planners and their clients are both targets, and new federal rules (and custodians' policies) make advisors primarily responsible for fraud prevention. Advisors and other experts recommend a number of techniques for keeping clients safe. more »
Electronic thieves have gotten smarter - and they’re targeting you. These experts can tell you how to beat them. more »
After the first year of running his own RIA, an advisor reflects and offers some lessons learned. more »
New York is attracting financial technology startup companies and venture capitalists, who like the proximity to large banks. But watch out for London. more »
Some efforts at innovation just don’t pay off. But if you learn from them, you can make future initiatives more successful. more »
Sharing of best practices across IBDs to become standard for RCS' new Cetera network, says Adam Antoniades. more »
'Demands for digital capabilities know no boundaries when it comes to age, wealth, or geography,' says Capgemini's Jean Lassignardie more »
The United States Court of Appeals has confirmed BancorpSouth's lack of liability in an online banking fraud case, and even granted that the bank may seek to recover attorneys' fees from the victim. more »
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