Robo Market in Play as More Launch
Hybrid robo Autopilot provides clients with a 24/7 asset management call service, while Market Movement Strategies connects advisors with top strategists.
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Advisors should always be on the lookout for performance-boosting tools that will help grow their business. Here are five you should know about. more »
Here's what you can do about it. more »
Customers continue to be underwhelmed by banks’ customer service. Even worse, young customers see very little difference in services from one bank to another. more »
Wealthy millennials are downloading apps more than other age groups, but for many categories it's boomers and Gen Xers who are the key users. more »
Business development and investment management are the most difficult positions to fill, a new Schwab study found. more »
A third of 1,000 online investors surveyed by E-Trade Financial would like to monitor their investments on wearable apps. more »
Branded digital apps continue to roll out as firms attempt to connect with a wired clientele. more »
Schwab must convince the 7,000 advisors who custody with the firm that its new Institutional Intelligent Portfolios automated investment management service is worth implementing. more »
The new digital platform will cost 10 basis points for advisors who have less than $100 million in AUM under custody with Schwab, but advisors who have more under custody won't be charged a fee. more »
Robert Arnott, CEO of Research Affiliates, says the financial services industry has to change its mindset toward innovation in order to remain competitive. more »
Silicon Valley firms like Apple and Lending Club are happy to partner with banks — so long as they get to be the face of customer interactions. But banks may not easily give up that ground. more »
Don't despair, industry leaders say. Even wealthy and digitally minded millennials will still want personalized advice. more »
Robo startups are expected to reach $452 billion in AUM in five years, but incumbent firms will possess over $1 trillion in assets in the digital automated advice space. more »
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