by: Bob Veres

Heavily discounted, online rivals are challenging the planning profession's right to exist. Here's how to fight back.

You don't need to be able to do everything - but you should know whom to call when your clients need extra help.

As it turns out, larger and smaller RIA firms face similar compliance challenges.

See how the sequence of returns affects portfolios differently by comparing three types of clients.

Investors can still get performance from the region if they know where to look, say the managers of Matthews Asian Growth & Income.

As fixed-income bets disappoint, multisector bond funds have gained notice. But not all advisors are smitten.

Some 20 years after gaining considerable renown, Sharon Rich is still running a solo shop and billing like a consultant. That's exactly how she wants it.

If transparency is so important to us as independent advisors, why are we using so much jargon?

While the cloud shift and mobile tools continue to dominate, a few newer patterns emerged at this year's T3 conference.

This Social Security strategy can be beneficial for married clients, but has a unique opportunity for singles, too. Make sure you understand the rules.

Low-deductible plans have thrived under Obamacare -- offering new tax strategies for both clients and advisors.

Gun-shy and data driven, younger clients can pose a particular challenge. Here are 5 concepts to keep in mind.

The variable annuities sector stabilizes as issuers find a balance between provider risk and client protection.

To build out its planning business, one firm focuses on advisor prospects with files full of tax returns

As firms battle each other to lure advisors, HD Vest focuses on a different talent pool: tax professionals who expand into financial planning.

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