9 Cool and Useful Apps for Advisors This Summer

Summer is here, and with it, come vacation plans and time away from the office. Itís also, as an advisor, the best opportunity to educate myself, connect with my peers, reflect on the first half of the year, and share ideas for future growth.

And the most entertaining way to do all of this from the comfort of my hammock is by immersing myself in a good mix of thought-provoking apps. These are the nine most ďcusefulĒ (cool and useful) apps of my summer. Theyíll make your life easier, your mind sharper, and your summer more fun.

Source: Ron Carson, founder, Peak Advisor Alliance

1. TED 1. TED

Truly one of my favorite apps! Itís a great source of education and inspiration. I can watch recorded talks from some of the most fascinating speakers in the world all from this app. Whatís even more impressive is that I can choose how much time I have and browse videos based on time, topic, and what Iím looking to get out of the material.

2. Dropbox 2. Dropbox

Fantastic for sharing files with my team while out of the office. This app lets me bring all my photos, documents, and videos anywhere and allows me to share them easily. All in all, the easiest file sharing app out there. Ideal for advisors who travel and need access to something right away.

3. Slideshark 3. Slideshark

Great for advisors, like myself, presenting on the go. One of the best apps for showing PowerPoint from my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It also can show animations, fonts, graphics, hyperlinks and videos. Easy to use and effective.

4. Flipboard 4. Flipboard

This app makes it easy and fun to access the social news you want. And the best part is you can tailor it to fit your own interests! Itís basically a virtual magazine built for you Ė and it saves you time from having to browse through several publications just to read the few things youíre looking for.

5. Dark Sky 5. Dark Sky

If you live in a state where the weather changes frequently throughout the day, itís always convenient to have the weather forecast at your fingertips, and I rely on this extremely accurate one. There are a lot of weather apps out there, but the thing thatís so great about Dark Sky is that it can tell you at a glance when to expect rain or snow up to an hour in advance. So Iím always prepared and can adjust my calendar accordingly.

6. Notes 6. Notes

Basic, yet so useful. This fundamental app gives me the ability to take notes anytime, anywhere. Itís great for jotting down ideas, whether Iím in a client meeting or in Napa Valley. For those who donít have Apple products, check out Evernote, another great app for note taking with some enhanced features.

7. Skype or FaceTime 7. Skype or FaceTime

Left-side: Skype. Right-side: FaceTime

Makes business and personal calls so much more effective. Itís amazing how much more information I receive from watching someone speak versus only listening to the sound of their voice.

8. LinkedIn 8. LinkedIn

The one social network I check while away. From making connections, starting conversations, and sharing ideas with my peers, this is still the one social space I use to grow my business.

9. Google Search 9. Google Search

In my opinion, this is still the best search engine out there and comes with a few features many donít know about if they use Google through a browser. I can get the answer to any question I have while out and about, and the interface is easy on the eyes. The new Google Now feature also makes it easy to track and search for timely information that is relevant to what Iím doing. It also comes equipped with a voice feature allowing you to speak into the search bar, and I love when I donít have to type on my mobile device.