Week’s Best Quotes: ‘We’ll Place Emphasis on Your Sales to Seniors’

From talking about why advisors may be missing the boat on retirement plans to regulators zeroing in on elderly client protections, here are the most notable quotes from the past week's stories. Disagree with any of them? Let us know in the comments section below. -- Paula Vasan

"Only about 6% of the specialists focused on retirement plans are RIAs." -- Tom Nally, TD Ameritrade Institutional president, on why RIAs are missing the boat on retirement plans.

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New TDAI Efforts: Retirement Plans, Next-Gen Recruiting

“Why do we need yet another program creating yet another level of complexity to the system?” -- Ric Edelman, founder of wealth management firm Edelman Financial, referring to President Obama’s announcement of the new MyRA retirement plan for low- to middle-income Americans in his State of the Union address.

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Obama's New MyRA Plan Draws Advisors' Praise, Scorn

"We are really worried that there simply aren't enough financial advisors to serve the number of investors who want high-quality advice." -- Pershing Director Kim Dellarocca on why advisory firms are going to have to rethink their hiring philosophies to meet a growing demand for investment advice.

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Next-Gen Advisor Shortage Demands Hiring Reforms

"You can all expect that during a lot of your SEC broker-dealer exams we will place a special emphasis on your sales to seniors." -- Kevin Goodman, the national associate director of the SEC's broker-dealer examination program, on how state and federal regulators expect to take a hard look at the programs firms have in place to ensure they are selling elderly investors appropriate financial instruments.

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Regulators to Zero in on Elderly Client Protections

“We’re saying, ‘Let’s plan for some of the realities.’ If [clients] want to age at home, let’s make sure their home is safe.’” -- Kathleen Pritchard, who heads up advisor business development at Legg Mason, on how some planners have helped their clients develop plans to address their long-term housing needs.

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Planners Failing Clients on Housing Needs?

“We really do think that 2008 has shaped investor behavior in ways that advisors need to understand and respect.” -- Emily Pachuta, head of investor insights at UBS Wealth Management Americas, on the impact of the financial crisis on millennials’ attitudes towards investing, saving and success.

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Millennials Present Opportunity & Challenge for Advisors

“These days, investors are much more likely to screen advisors through search engines, social networks, and other new media." -- Nicholas Stuller, AdviceIQ president, on how investors are turning to social media.

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Partnership Aims to Teach Advisors New Marketing Tricks

“How do you merge the technology, the culture, the approach to business, the branding? Historically, that’s been really difficult." -- Mark Tibergien, CEO of Pershing Advisor Solutions, on why broker-dealer consolidations in the financial planning industry won't be easy.

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B-D Consolidations Won't Be Easy, Tibergien Says

"It's clear that the concept of financial planning and the value of Certified Financial Planner certification has taken hold globally." -- Noel Maye, CEO of the Financial Planning Standards Board, on how the number of CFP professionals worldwide rose by 5,500, or 3.76%, in 2013 to 153,376.

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Jump in CFP Professionals Worldwide

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