7 Marketing Techniques Used By Elite Financial Advisors

7. Track Progress with CRM Software 7. Track Progress with CRM Software

Use the CRM to track a marketing program’s progress and results. Cetera found that 69% of elite firms did this.

6. Ditch the Cold Calls 6. Ditch the Cold Calls

That cold-calling list must go. “Direct mail and cold-calling are very impersonal marketing activities,” Theder says. Zero percent of the elite firms surveyed used this tactic.

5. Avoid Blatant Pitches 5. Avoid Blatant Pitches

What marketing activities should be used lightly? Seminars, surprisingly, according to Cetera. To make these successful, keep the crowd to just 15 and avoid investment pitches.

4. Less is More 4. Less is More

Limit the guest list. Use that touch point to really get acquainted with clients and potential patrons. Don’t stretch the advisors too thin.

3. Organize Events Around Client Interests 3. Organize Events Around Client Interests

Are your clients also wine connoisseurs? Organize a wine and cheese tasting and let them bring friends. Cetera found that 41% of elite firms held four or more social events in the last year.

2. Make the Introductions Personally 2. Make the Introductions Personally

The best way to cultivate those referrals is through a personal introduction. “It is about building personal connections with people,” Theder said. “That is one definite attribute of elite advisors.”

1. Create Referral Alliances 1. Create Referral Alliances

Strong referral alliances among other professionals, like attorneys and accountants, worked for 74% of top firms. “It takes that genuineness of being someone’s friend and wanting to get to know them,” said Susan Theder, chief marketing officer of Cetera Financial Group.

What is the difference between elite practices and other firms? One hint: Seminars are not what they used to be.

Cetera Financial Group found out that it’s really more about a firm’s overall approach to marketing. The El Segundo, Calif.-based broker-dealer recently partnered with The Oechsli Institute to survey 352 financial professionals, including elites, in the report “Marketing Tactics of Elite Advisors”.

Here are seven marketing tips that will boost your firm’s profile and assets under management.

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