Use these rules to find your target audience, market your theme and deliver your remarks with confidence.

A set of mid-1990s recommendations aimed to reform Wall Street's culture. They didn't, however -- and the real losers were investors.

Use investors’ habits and mental preconceptions to tailor financial plans that will work well for them individually.

Michelle Smith explains the advantage of specializing in divorce planning.

A majority of Cicily Maton's clients come to her when a pile of money falls into their laps. But unusual circumstances create special issues.

Use these ideas to quickly bring new staff up to speed on a firm's values, tools and culture.

Should older clients' portfolios be adjusted more quickly to bring equity allocations to their desired level? New research says yes.

In trying to find new young clients, many advisors are turning to online platforms. But that is not the only track to success.

Planners back away from equities as concerns grow about international problems.

Industry struggles have meant a raft of changes for planners and their clients.

Clients often place too much importance on high performance and not enough on consistent returns.

From client interfaces to integration and digital signature, here's what's on tap at the four major RIA custodial firms.

Firms that divide clients into groups to allow varying service say it helps the practice and improves the overall experience.

If you're not focusing your time and attention on the people who add the most value to your firm, you're getting it wrong.

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