With a wider gap in tax rates, moving reported income among family members could have a big payoff. Advisors should consider a few if these strategies.

Advisors need to face a hard truth: Independent RIAs have lost this round. Fortunately, there are other, better ways to set yourself apart.

Want a better way to help staff improve? Here's how to turn the end-of-the-year ritual into an experience that's productive for you and your employees.

Clients with both pre- and after-tax money in their employer plans can allocate distribution to separate retirement accounts.

New tech-driven startups have upended the financial advice market. Now they just have to get through the coming shake-out.

"If you think you have no special needs clients, you probably are not asking the right questions,” says Mike Walther.

If your clients think they're going to make money off the policies they're buying, it's time to give them a reality check.

Technological shifts happen quickly. The industry finally seems to have noticed.

An analysis compares portfolios built using 'smart beta' indexes against those whose components are weighted by market cap. See the results.

Corporate executives are smart, but they need help when it comes to planning. Here are a few sophisticated techniques that can help them.

Planners offer their guidelines for helping wealthy clients accomplish more good with their money.

So-called experts tend to do a lousy job predicting the direction of the economy or the stock market. Here's what advisors should do about it.

Use these practice management approaches to give yourself an edge over the competition and help you attract ideal clients for years to come.

A recent study compared advisors’ reactions during the last financial meltdown to PTSD. Here’s my advice for beating stress when markets go haywire.

35 Great Schools for Financial Planning
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