For planners looking to recruit as well as those looking for suitable programs, this comprehensive list of planning programs at five dozen colleges and universities across the country includes costs, enrollment and student-to-faculty ratios.

Using stop-loss market orders can backfire during extreme market swings. Stop-loss limit orders may offer a better approach.

Advisors should highlight their skills on a personal level to separate themselves from digital counterparts.

If new fiduciary rules take effect, advisors will be pressed to provide lower-cost offerings. Variable annuities offer them a lot to choose from.

Two thought patterns guide our financial thinking. You should learn to listen to one of them, says Allan S. Roth.

Focus on the those who exhibit self-discipline and lead balanced lives.

8 tips for advisors on getting their message out.

Advisors typically aim to capture client’s children, but often it’s the parents of clients who need the most help.

If you find yourself torn between serving clients and growing your practice, you may need some additional staff.

If a planner were to suddenly wake up in 2022, he’d find that some of today’s practices have utterly changed.

Advisor networks can provide community, targeted advice and much-needed support for planners with niche specialties, Dave Grant says.

Keep your reputation intact, and your clients on track, by telling them to expect modest stock returns in the future.

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