All three of the cities under consideration “share the benefit of providing us with the opportunity to access great pools of talent,” said Pimco CEO Emmanuel “Manny” Roman.
Gaining an investing edge with technology is a major focus at Pimco, says CEO Manny Roman. Bloomberg News

Pimco has acquired a minority stake in Beacon Platform and will use the company’s technology to deliver quantitative research and analytics to its money managers around the world.

Pimco, in a statement Thursday, described Beacon as a specialist in the development of cloud-based, end-to-end development and production platforms. The technology will be used to support the fixed-income giant’s 240 portfolio managers globally.

Acquiring talent and technology to gain an investing edge is a major focus for Pimco, CEO Manny Roman said in an interview last month with Bloomberg News.

Pimco, which is based in Newport Beach, California, in April chose Austin, Texas, for a new office as it seeks to recruit tech talent and broaden marketing in the U.S.

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