Investors pulled $3.93 billion from long-term mutual funds in the week ended Oct. 19, the Investment Company Institute said.

Equity funds has outflows of $3.29 billion, down from outflows of $7.40 billion the previous week. U.S. equity funds were hit with $3.47 billion of outflows, while foreign equity funds took in $177 million.

Hybrid funds took in $1.57 billion, up considerably from inflows of $512 million the previous week.

Investors continued to pour money into bond funds, with the category taking in $5.65 billion in the week ended Oct. 19. The previous week, they invested $4.04 billion. For the most recent week, taxable bond funds saw inflows of $5.10 billion and municipals, $548 million.

-- This article first appeared on Money Management Executive.