U.S. mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, excluding money-market funds, pulled $6.5 billion in net inflows in the week ended April 17, according to Lipper.

Taxable bond funds led the pack with inflows $4.3 billion net for the week, $2.4 billion net for mutual funds and $1.9 billion for ETFs; bank-loan products saw net inflows of $785 million; and U.S. Treasury mutual funds and ETFs saw inflows of net $1.0 billion.

“This was the taxable bond fund group’s strongest showing in the past four weeks as investors continued to look for a mix of yield and safety,” according to Matthew Lemieux, senior research analyst at Lipper.

Seeing net outflows were municipal debt funds with $535 million of net redemptions and money market funds with $25.9 billion in outflows. Commodity Precious Metals funds bled $2.7 billion for the week, driven by investors pulling nearly $2.2 billion out of SPDR Gold Trust (GLD).

That was the Lipper category’s largest weekly outflow on record, according to Lemieux.