Exchange-traded fund investors pumped in some $84 billion of assets into equity ETFs while fixed income funds brought in $30 billion through May 31, according to data from State Street Global Advisors.

Broad market equity funds saw the greatest flows on an absolute basis with over $25 billion coming in the door and the dividend category also added some $12.6 billion, according to SSgA. As well, low volatility ETFs saw $6.8 billion of inflows representing over 47% of 2012 assets.

Within the fixed income market, the corporate category brought in $9.3 billion, broad market $7.4 billion, government nearly $6.8 billion and preferred stock close to $4.6 billion,

Overall, the global ETF industry has over $2.1 trillion in assets as of May 31. This is up from $1.9 trillion at the end of 2012 and $1.5 trillion.