Investors added $729 million to stock funds in the week ending Nov. 3, after pulling out a $2.41 billion previous week, the Investment Company Institute said Wednesday

All of the new money went into foreign stock funds, which took in $1.86 billion; that was partially offset by the $1.13 billion investors pulled out of domestic stock funds.

Bond funds took in $3.54 billion, net of withdrawals, during the week. That was on top of the $5.35 billion investors added the previous week. The bulk, or $31.4 billion, went into taxable bond funds, with another $405 million going into municipal bond funds.

Hybrid funds, which can invest in stocks and bonds, fixed income securities, attracted $745 million of new money, up from $356 million the previous week.

Investors added a total of $5.02 billion to long-term mutual funds, up from $3.29 billion the previous week.

Flow estimates are derived from data collected covering more than 95% of industry assets and are adjusted to represent industry totals.