After two weeks of decline, total money market mutual fund assets increased by $2.86 billion to $2.659 trillion in the week ended Wednesday, Feb. 15, according to the Investment Company Institute.

Total assets had fallen slightly in the prior week, from $2.657 trillion to $2.656 trillion. But total U.S. money market mutual fund assets fell $21.3 billion in the week ended February 1, ICI previously reported.

In the latest report, government funds decreased by $7.35 billion, taxable non-government funds increased by $11.53 billion, and tax-exempt funds decreased by $1.33 billion.

Assets of retail money market funds decreased by $5.04 billion to $920.44 billion.

Assets of institutional money market funds increased by $7.90 billion to $1.739 trillion.

ICI reports money market fund assets to the Federal Reserve each week.

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld writes for Securities Technology Monitor.