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Ron Carson formalizes succession plan

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Ron Carson formalized his eponymous firm’s succession plan, naming Aaron Schaben and Teri Shepherd as co-presidents.

Carson, the firm’s CEO, had indicated earlier this year that Schaben, formerly executive vice president, was in line to run the firm. Schaben will lead Carson’s business growth and development, overseeing the firm’s coaching and partnership offerings.

Shepherd, the former chief operations officer, will lead the firm’s institutional and retail-focused divisions, including operations, compliance, transformations, technology, communications and stakeholder development.

“Their relentless dedication to the organization and complementary skill sets are why this decision to make them co-presidents made so much sense,” Carson said in a statement. “When I approached each of them individually they both said the other was deserving of it. They wanted it for each other — that’s what makes Carson so special.”

Carson has been a leading RIA, hybrid IBD and OSJ and has three main business lines: Carson Wealth, Carson Coaching, and Carson Partners. The firm has around $10 billion in AUM and added nine new offices in the first quarter, bringing its total to over 100.

Founded as Carson Wealth in 1983, the firm is currently building a new $80 million headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

Last week the firm struck its 18th equity deal — third overall in 2019 — with the acquisition of Ruggie Wealth Management, which sold a 25% stake to Carson Wealth prior to adopting the brand and bringing in $566 million in client assets.

Earlier this year Bender Financial Services and Morgan Wealth, which managed about $200 million in combined client assets, partnered with both Carson’s RIA and Cetera Advisor Network.

Carson also promoted current vice president of executive business consulting Alex Rodawig to managing director of Carson Wealth Division. He will lead Carson Wealth’s owned offices, including the Omaha headquarters.

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