While the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index fell 14.3% in the third quarter, many mutual fund categories performed worse, according to Lipper.

U.S. diversified stock funds fell 16.7% in the quarter, and global stock funds fell 20.4%. U.S. large-cap stock funds were down 15.4%, while U.S. small-cap stock funds gave up 21.8%.

The top-performing sector category was commodities specialty funds, which rose 1.2%. Precious metals funds fell 6.37%, utilities funds fell 6.4%, and commodities agriculture funds fell 7.6%.

The worst-performing sector was basic materials funds, which plummeted 27.1%. Not too far behind were: global natural resources funds (-25.6%), global financial services funds (-24.3%) and industrials (-22.8%).

Among the world stock category, the top-performing funds were focused on Japan. These funds fell 5.3%, while the worst-performing world stock category was China region funds, which were down 25.6%.

-- This article first appeared on Money Management Executive.