Vanguard said Monday that it cut the expense ratios on several of its bond mutual funds and ETFs in April. These include three of its popular bond ETFs: the Long-Term Bond Index Fund (BLV), theIntermediate-Term Bond Index Fund (BIV) and the Short Term Bond Index Fund (BSV). Each fund saw its price tag change from 11 bps to 10 bps.

The Long-Term Bond Index Fund has $5 billion in AUM as of 3/29/13. The Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund had an AUM of $4.5 billion as of 3/29/13. The Short Term Bond Index Fund has an AUM of $28.5 billion as of 11/29/12. All AUM are according to Bloomberg data.

The Malvern, PA company said in the release inflows from loyal clients and the continued roar of the markets allowed them to cut the fees.