I’m now in my 11th week of running my own RIA -- and I’ve realized that it’s a real challenge to keep track of where I am and what lies ahead.

One critical area is managing the pipeline of clients and prospects. I have three clients signed to my retainer model, and a pipeline of prospects in various stages. I also have four prospects who have made a verbal commitment to working with me before the end of the summer; I can conservatively say that at least two of these will work out.

I then have two prospects who I have just started to talk to, who may do something before the end of the calendar year.

I am also planning some campaigns at the start of the school year -- this is something I have done before, and it typically generates another handful of prospects. I hope to double the number of campaigns this school year, and I expect that will increase both my company’s exposure and my number of prospective clients.

I like the progress I have made so far, but there are a couple of challenges that I need to focus on.

Focusing too much on the chase: I have to be aware that even though I enjoy talking with new people, I now have people who are paying for my expertise. I will need to manage the balancing act of serving and anticipating the needs of current clients, while also pursuing new clients.

Pacing myself socially: I’m also relatively introverted, so I can only handle so many interactions with new people before I find that I need to recharge. While pursuing prospects, I need to make sure that I follow up with them at a pace that is appropriate.

Don’t get me wrong; I know that this is a great problem to have. I just need to make sure that I enjoy the work as much as the chase.