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How one advisor boosts an RIA — and industry change — with fintech tools

In the first episode of Financial Planning's new podcast series, Tobias Salinger talks with advisor Dasarte Yarnway about how he “fought and clawed” his way into the profession and discusses the ambitious goals he’s working toward for his RIA, as well as the industry.

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The founder of Berknell Financial Group faced a tough climb at the outset of his career — he applied for 245 jobs after college. Now he aims to quadruple the households served in the practice he launched when he was 24 years old.

Yarnway describes the process of choosing a technology stack that best fit his San Francisco-based RIA and how he found and developed his practice’s client segment. Even Yarnway’s daily Twitter posts reflect his mission, business goals and larger hopes for wealth management.

“I struggle like every other human being. I have my challenges, I have my successes and I love to joke,” Yarnway says.

Dasarte Yarnway, founder of San Francisco-based Berknell Financial Group, wants to quadruple the number of households his practice serves.

“I want us to be transparent about our fees, about our practice, about the way that we intend on serving you, and then I’ll let you make the decision. But what you’re going to get from us and what I hope that the industry adopts is that same level of transparency, that same level of ‘do right by the client,’ right? If we’re doing that, then I think that erasing that type of stigma does well for every type of firm, broker-dealer, independent RIA, you name it.”